Each team consists of up to 10 runners (you can have less but then the total mileage per runner increases). Each team will be handicapped by age and sex. At a committee meeting on March 30th, 2005, it was decided that the handicap would be revised. The changes are based on the WAVA Age Grade Tables that are univerally accepted and used. Here is the handicap system:

Name your team and be creative. We've had some very interesting team names like "The Snot Rockets", "Team Chubby", and "The Nasty Boys". Choose a team captain (don't pick the guy who has crumpled clothes and old newspapers in the back seat of his car) and all the race correspondance will be mailed to that person.

Each team is limited to no more than three vehicles!!! More vehicles would make it unsafe for runners. We recommend that one or all of your vehicles be vans or 4-wheel drives but they do not have to be. You might want to bring along a mountain bike too. We will tell you if the trails are not able to be biked.